Emotional Facial Pictures Database

Warsaw Set of Emotional Facial Expression Pictures  (WSEFEP) contains 210 of high-quality pictures of 30 individuals. They display six basic emotions (enjoyment, fear, disgust, anger, sadness, surprise) and neutral display. The pictures were carefully selected to fit criteria of basic emotions and then evaluated by independent judges. Each one has own measurement of intensity and purity of displayed emotions as well as FACS Action Units codes.

The set is widely recognized by the scientific community and frequently used as research material – click here to see a list o publication that refers to WSEFEP.


Here’s the short story of how the set was created:

– We chose 100 people from over 1000 actors/actress (amateur and professionals), models and students – that submitted their access to actors agency. Each one of them works with us during a one-hour individual photo session. Then we chose 65 people who shown best ability to express emotions and control their facial muscles.

– We gave them home exercises to develop their emotional expression skills and then we worked again with them during two hours individual photo session. After conduction the main sessions we evaluated photos of each participant and selected the best pictures (up to 5 for each expression), that fit the criteria of basic emotions’ expression, according to FACS (Ekman, Friesen & Hager, 2002).

– Then we validated selected pictures and here you are…we give you a full set of 210 photos (14 men and 16 women) of each basic emotion: joy, surprise, fear, sadness, anger, and disgust.

Here you can find a detailed description of how the set was created and validated.